Talent & Workforce



Finding, training and retaining talent remains the number one challenge identified by manufacturers across all areas of the State. The workforce challenges manufacturers are facing are not only affecting today’s operations, but they also impact the future of the industry. MD MEP offers talent and workforce services and programs designed to support your employee development at every level of the organization

Attracting, training and retaining a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is critical for the long-term success of the organization. MD MEP’s workforce services are designed specifically to meet the needs of industry. Training and programs are dynamic, customizable, easy to navigate and focused on providing manufacturers with the right resources so that their teams are prepared to adapt to the ever-shifting technologies and practices.

What We Do:

At MD MEP, we work with local manufacturers to identify and evaluate need, develop a cohesive strategy to meet the talent need and coordinate and leverage resources to build the workforce you need. We look forward to assisting you with:

  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resource Planning and Compliance
  • OSHA Guidance
  • Registered Apprenticeship Programs
  • Onboarding and Assessments
  • Training
  • Financial Assistance