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Lean Manufacturing Services for Streamlined Operations

Our lean services focus on minimizing waste while streamlining your value-added activities and maximizing productivity. Our approach is people-oriented and aim to help you understand the tools, identify areas for improvement and teach you how to utilize lean for future growth.

A whole-day fast-paced presentation of Lean Principles, Strategies, and Techniques, with various hands-on exercises and activities for participants to engage in what Lean manufacturing is all about. They will learn what a value stream is, and what ‘value added vs non-value added’ means, they will also be able to identify the eight wastes in manufacturing and ways to reduce them. This is the foundation for any on-the-floor improvement activity including Value Stream Mapping, 6S workplace organization, Set-up Reduction, Total Productive Maintenance, Root Cause Corrective Action, Lean Cell Design, etc.

This training provides the understanding and skills necessary to lead an effective, structured, team-based, analytical approach to problem-solving that identifies problems and alleviates chronic failures within an organization. Learn how to apply the 8D method and several other techniques to define, isolate, contain, determine the root cause of a problem, and implement an effective and corrective action preventing recurrence. This is the problem-solving approach used by many of the fortune 500 companies. 

This workshop is designed to deliver the fundamental concepts of 5S + safety to your organization so you can begin putting this powerful system to work. Learn and experience how the 6S System reduces waste in your world. Participants learn the concepts of 6S and apply them to transform a cluttered, disorganized workplace into a clean, organized, and orderly production area. Some 6S Goals: “A place for everything and everything in its place”, “Anyone can find anything in 30 seconds or less”, and the groundwork of a visual workplace.

The Lean White Belt combines the Introduction to Lean Principles, Strategies, and Techniques class with a 6S Workplace Organization workshop. This program provides a solid foundation of Lean understanding and immediate elimination of waste using 6S Workplace Organization, resulting in a deeper understanding of Lean and immediate tangible and repeatable benefit to your organization.

The 8 steps of Value Stream Management will help your team understand the many benefits of leading a value stream vs a department. Learn how to create a value stream map starting with your current state. This allows your team to see the complete flow of your value stream, identify the sources of waste, show connections of information and processes, design the improved future-state value stream map, and most importantly – develop an executable improvement plan.

Learn the fundamentals of set-up reduction by applying quick-change thinking to any set-up. Find hidden capacity and reduce manufacturing bottlenecks using this quick changeover methodology. Focus on attaining drastically reduced changeovers through the systematic reduction and elimination of the internal set-up components and streamlining the improved procedure.

Get White, Yellow, Green, or Black Belt training for your organization and develop Lean Six Sigma Champions to help improve the efficiency of your production process while simultaneously eliminating waste from the process.

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If you are looking for lean implementation or training, please contact Kerry Wells at kwells@mdmep.org.