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Telling the stories of the PRODUCTS made here and the PEOPLE that make them!

Beyond the Loading Dock Series

Maryland is home to a very diverse manufacturing industry. From food and beverage manufacturers to fabricated metals and biomedical supplies, these companies manufacturer products for some of the worlds most recognizable companies, many of which we use on a daily basis. With so many cool and innovative products being produced right in our own backyards, we created the Beyond the Loading Dock series to shine a light on these companies and showcase how they bring these products to life!

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Faces of Maryland Manufacturing

The Maryland MEP’s Faces of Manufacturing Program is about telling the STORY of the men and women who work within the manufacturing companies that are proud to call Maryland home. Each of these individuals has a unique story to tell, whether it be from challenges they have overcome, dreams they have pursued or just pure passion for making things. We hope that the Faces of Manufacturing program can provide the platform for these stories to be told and a way to share the amazing work that is taking place here in Maryland.

Manufacturing provides opportunities for individuals of all races, genders, and education and experience levels to have an impact on the world through the production of goods. They may not have all taken the same journey to get where they are but they are all proud to be a part of the Maryland Manufacturing Community.

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