New grant available for Maryland manufacturers investing in Industry 4.0

Monday (August 22, 2022), Governor Hogan and the Maryland Department of Commerce launched the Maryland Manufacturing 4.0 Grant Program. This program will provide grants to small and mid-sized Maryland manufacturers to invest in Industry 4.0-related technologies, machinery and robotics, and digital business practices in order to remain competitive and drive growth. 

Projects must clearly demonstrate a tie to Industry 4.0, and a long-term strategy for the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and the impact on the business. Funding will provide up to 50 percent of the total project costs with a minimum grant amount of $15,000 and a maximum grant amount of $50,000.  

The adoption of advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies is critical to the future competitiveness of Maryland manufacturing. The Manufacturing 4.0 Grant Program demonstrates the state’s commitment to the manufacturing sector and provides a great opportunity for manufacturers to adopt and implement new technologies. 

Maryland MEP is excited to support Maryland manufacturing companies that are investing in new technologies and can work with you and your organization to design, develop and implement solutions that will enable your 4.0 journey. As the trusted advisor and convener of resources in the state, Maryland MEP can assist eligible companies in the following ways: 

  • Strategy Development Organizations that have identified a need for the adoption and implementation of new technologies but are unsure where to begin can engage the Maryland MEP team to help assess where you are on your journey identify potential technologies and their relative return on investment and develop a strategy for the implementation and support of new technologies in the organization.
  • Application Review – Manufacturers that have identified specific technology implementation projects and have prepared their application for assistance may engage Maryland MEP to provide an independent review of the application. Leveraging the grants management and industry expertise of the Maryland MEP team, we can provide feedback and support to maximize your chance of success.
  • Application Preparation and Support – Maryland manufacturers that have identified technology improvement opportunities but require more in-depth support in the preparation of program applications may engage the Maryland MEP team to assist in the application preparation and submission process. Our team will help you formulate a strategy, develop a project budget and narrative, and complete the application process in a manner consistent with industry best practices.

Applications must be submitted by October 7, 2022

Contact Maryland MEP today to discuss how we can assist you in this process!

Please contact Samantha Calvo at for more information.