Go Beyond the Loading Dock to see how Michele’s Granola is made in Maryland!

Using only the finest of ingredients Michele’s Granolaproduces high-quality granola with love!

The Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maryland MEP) is excited to announce the latest episode of the Make It In Maryland: Beyond the Loading Dock series, featuring a fast-moving, woman-owned company, Michele’s Granola.

The Maryland MEP’s ‘Make It In Maryland’ (MIIM) program, was created to shine a light on Maryland manufacturers and strengthen the manufacturing industry through collaboration, awareness and education. As part of the MIIM initiative, the Beyond the Loading Dock series is designed to bring you inside some of Maryland’s most unique manufacturing facilities to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they bring their products to life.

Michele Tsucalas, Founder and Owner of Michele’s Granola, stumbled upon the opportunity while attempting to recreate the delicious granola snack she remembered enjoying during a summer while living in New England in her early 20s. This quest quickly became her passion; making the best granola anyone had tasted. Her passion and product outgrew her apartment facility and the farmers market she sold in for a year and a half. She knew then she could make her passion into a full-time opportunity impacting more than just her.

“Michele’s Granola is made in small batches from scratch daily. Not all granola is created equal, and my team and I have worked to develop our products with natural and organic ingredients baked to create a light, crispy texture and clean flavor, with the right amount of crunch!,” says Tsucalas.

Being good stewards of the environment Michele’s Granola packages are shipped in recycled packaging with compostable packing peanuts made from cornstarch. Tsucalas states, “we believe everyone deserves good food, and we donate 1% of all sales to organizations leading the way towards a healthier, more equitable food system.”

“Michele’s Granola employees producing the product are always laughing and smiling as they fill each package by hand. You can clearly see each employee shares Michele’s passion for making great granola. She has created a safe and fun environment, where people enjoy what they do every day,” stated Michael Kelleher, Executive Director Maryland MEP. “Michele grew her loyal customer base organically, one sample at a time which speaks volumes about the quality of her product.”

Maryland MEP is committed to raising awareness regarding manufacturing in Maryland with our Beyond the Loading Dock series. Sharing the stories and showcasing the diversity of the people and products created in Maryland-by-Maryland manufacturers. Keeping manufacturers strong and vibrant is our goal and the Beyond the Loading Dock video series is an excellent way to show support and showcase the manufacturers proud to call Maryland home.” Kelleher said.

About Michele’s Granola

Since 2006, Michele’s Granola has been dedicated to making small-batch granola from scratch, prepared fresh daily by hand with simple natural, organic, and GMO-free ingredients. The company now produces 21,000 pounds of granola each week which is distributed to more than 1,000 natural foods retailers, grocery stores and foodservice facilities, and is also available online and on Amazon.com. Michele’s is committed to improving nutrition and supporting local food entrepreneurship by donating 1% of all sales to non-profits with a food-based mission. 

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