ETI Precision Case Study

Implementing Advanced Technology Solutions for Supply Chain Resilience and Business Growth

ETI Precision

The Client:
ETI Precision (ETI) is a nationwide leader in test and measurement equipment as well as calibration and repairs. For over 25 years, ETI has supported its partners with high-current and high-voltage expertise with a variety of industry-leading test equipment. Its wide range of product and service offerings all have the same goal of reducing calibration turnaround, costs, and headaches while ensuring technical functionality, accuracy, and increased equipment availability. 
The Challenge:

To support the demand for their highly specialized and critically important electrical testing equipment, ETI developed an Industry 4.0 technology implementation plan focused on new technologies to improve the collection and availability of data for operational efficiency. Ongoing impacts to the business brought on by COVID-19 have delayed the installation of these technologies leaving ETI concerned about capitalizing on the growing market demand. 

The Solution:

Maryland MEP and the Maryland Supply Chain Resiliency Program supported ETI with its goal to implement a multi-phased technology investment strategy which included upgrading its ERP system, transitioning technologies to the cloud, and integrating a new laboratory management system. Specifically, Maryland MEP worked with experts at Qualer on the design, integration, and training of the new calibration laboratory management software. 

Improvements to ETI’s technology infrastructure have allowed ETI to digitize processes for real-time documentation and have improved the consistency, reliability, and efficiency of the testing and QA review processes. The integration of this software with ETI’s ERP systems has also created a more resilient supply chain through intelligent data collection, improved visibility, dynamic demand planning, and better vendor management capabilities.

Results & Impacts:

The Maryland MEP's support of our investment in a new laboratory management system was a critical factor in our decision to move forward with the project this year. The team at the MEP worked closely with our organization's senior leadership to understand the dynamics of our business and investigate the pain points in our supply chain. They helped our team refine ETI's supply chain improvement plan through multiple rounds of applications to the MEP's program. I look forward to finding opportunities to work with the MEP again in the future.