CONNEX Maryland/DC Launching Soon to Help Grow Local Manufacturing Industry 

CONNEX™ Maryland/DC combines manufacturer and supplier data into a single, accurate, searchable scouting-platform to better connect manufacturers, suppliers and provide supply chain visualizations. 

Connecting Maryland and Washington DC manufacturers and suppliers will soon be a lot easier.  This June, Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maryland MEP) will launch CONNEX™ Maryland/DC, a platform designed to strengthen the local and domestic manufacturing supply chain.

CONNEX™ Maryland/DC is a online manufacturer connectivity platform for Maryland and Washington DC manufacturers to connect with each other, find local suppliers, discover new business opportunities and manage their supply chains. The goal of the platform is to increase manufacturing growth among Maryland and Washington DC manufacturers along with helping smaller local suppliers better connect with large U.S. manufacturers who need their services. 

Maryland MEP will provide complimentary access to CONNEX™ Maryland/DC to all Maryland and DC manufacturers. “Maryland MEP is always looking for ways to help our manufacturers achieve their goals,” says Mike Kelleher, Executive Director. “We see CONNEX™ as a great resource to help our state’s manufacturers mitigate supply chain risks, become stronger and grow.”

To help manufacturers develop more reliable supply chains and find alternate suppliers, the CONNEX™ Maryland/DC platform will help manufacturers identify potential suppliers within the state based on their capabilities, not just current production. Results can be filtered using hundreds of unique criteria such as equipment, processes, materials and certifications to meet a manufacturer’s specific needs.

In addition, disruptions to existing supply chains have resulted in shortages of materials and inputs to manufacturing processes. CONNEX™ Maryland/DC will offer manufacturers the ability to post RFIs and RFQs for such items in the platform’s B2B Exchange Center to which qualified suppliers may directly respond to the posts with their capabilities and availability.  These platform features will help Maryland and DC manufacturers quickly find the materials and inputs they need to meet their productivity and profitability objectives while improving supply chain robustness for downstream manufacturers as well.

The CONNEX™ Marketplace technology was developed by i5 Services to connect the U.S. manufacturing supply chain. It’s now being used by manufacturers and suppliers across the country to connect with one another and find new business opportunities.  

“We are thrilled to have Maryland MEP lead the way to implement and support CONNEX™ Maryland/DC,” says Alan Davis, President and CEO of i5 Services. “It’s a sign of their strong leadership and commitment to the Maryland and DC manufacturing industry, which is one of the pillars of the Maryland and DC economy.” 

Complimentary registration for Maryland and Washington DC manufacturers and suppliers will begin June 2nd when the platform officially launches. To learn more about CONNEX™ Maryland/DC, and how to sign up, visit: or contact