Netzer - Identifying New Suppliers Using Maryland MEP and the CONNEX Maryland/DC Marketplace

Identifying New Suppliers Using Maryland MEP and the CONNEX Maryland/DC Marketplace

Netzer Metalworks

The Client:

Netzer Metalworks, a trusted supplier for over 50 years, specializes in sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, painting, powder coating, welding, and assembly, providing solutions from simple to complex components made from various materials. With AS9100D/ISO9001 certification, they serve diverse industries from their facility in Essex, Maryland, including aerospace, defense, commercial aviation, space, medical, and food/beverage, showcasing their expertise in meeting stringent quality standards and delivering innovative manufacturing solutions tailored to each industry’s unique requirements.

The Challenge:

Netzer Metalworks prides itself on its ability to address clients’ unique needs and tackle complex challenges. When faced with difficulties in identifying a supplier for several prototype injection molded parts crucial to a client project, Netzer turned to Maryland MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, for support.

The Solution:

In support of Netzer’s goal to identify qualified suppliers, Maryland MEP provided Netzer with access to the CONNEX Maryland/DC Marketplace, an interactive supplier platform designed to connect manufacturers within the industry. Maryland MEP helped Netzer to leverage the interactive marketplace in CONNEX by creating a detailed listing outlining their specific requirements and expectations for potential suppliers.

In addition to utilizing CONNEX, Maryland MEP leveraged its industry knowledge and network of manufacturers to make additional introductions to local Maryland manufacturers that might be able to meet their needs. This dual approach ensured that Netzer was immediately able to start making connections with both local and national suppliers.

Through this collaborative effort, Netzer made connections with 8 new potential suppliers within 1 week of creating a listing in CONNEX and gained valuable insights that helped Netzer to make important strategic decisions about the design and future development of the client’s prototype parts. These relationships have also led to ongoing conversations about future projects, including 2 recent visits with manufacturers in other states that Netzer believes will lead to long-term partnerships and new contracts in the future.

Results & Impacts:

When we were presented with a project that required specialized parts, I immediately thought about MEP and taping into their network. Within one hour of reaching out to Maryland MEP, we were on the phone with a local injection modeling company. That next morning, we posted on CONNEX and within hours we were on a conference call with a supplier in Michigan. Not only did we quickly identify several qualified suppliers but those suppliers provided us with valuable insights and feedback regarding the design which allowed us to provide a more cost-effective solution for our customer. CONNEX, as well as the additional support Maryland MEP provided outside of the tool, gave us the ability to exceed our customers expectations and we are very excited about the future opportunities we have identified through the connections we made. I would recommend CONNEX to any company looking to explore new suppliers.