Maryland Supply Chain Resiliency Program

Maryland Supply
Chain Resiliency Program

The Maryland Supply Chain Resiliency Program assists Maryland manufacturers that have been adversely affected by COVID with impacts to operations, workforce and / or sales.  The Maryland Supply Chain Resiliency Program will include a business assessment and review of a company’s business practices to better understand the impacts on the business and the opportunities to help overcome them.

Following the business assessment, your company may be eligible for business assistance under the grant. Examples of services provided by these expert consultants include market identification / market diversification, supply chain solutions, process improvement to increase capacity, quality systems, supplier scouting, export activities, technology adoption and implementation, executive coaching and more.

Eligible Applicants

All Maryland manufacturers meeting the following criteria may apply. However, Maryland MEP and Maryland Department of Commerce prioritizes serving manufacturers who have been impacted from the COVID-19 pandemic and have opportunities for recovery and / or growth.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Company must be a qualifying “manufacturer” as defined by NAICS codes (31 – 33)
  • Company must have a physical location in Maryland
  • Company must be in good standing with the State of Maryland
  • Company must have been located in and operating in Maryland for at least one year
  • Company should have a minimum of 10 full-time employees
  • Company should have a minimum of $1m in annual revenue (not grant-based income)
  • Company must be able to demonstrate that one or more business segments have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, through the loss of contracts, revenue, suppliers or employees.
  • A Business Segment is defined as an established part of the company, product line or market that has generated revenue.
  • Demonstration of adverse impact should be measured over at least a twelve month period.
  • Applicant may be asked to show documentation of adverse business impact.

Program Champions

Program Application

Download and complete your Maryland Supply Chain Resiliency Program Application.

Please submit your completed application via email to:

Samantha Calvo

Companies whose applications are accepted may be asked to undergo a brief business assessment. The business assessment is an easy process that will involve an interview / assessment from the Maryland MEP and Maryland Department of Commerce team who will meet with company leadership, review your company’s business practices to better understand the impacts / opportunities identified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This will help the team understands the company’s processes, the impacts of COVID-19 and potential opportunity.

The outcome of the business assessment report will contain:

  • Recap of Business Assessment meeting
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Detailed options for next steps and may include opportunities for assistance in the program.

Please note that this program requires that company leadership be present at the initial site visit either in person or via conference/video call if remote.

One site visit is required. Additional site visits, or potentially phone calls, are held as needed.

The assessment team could include the Maryland Department of Commerce and / or the Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP).  Other professionals may be identified according to your company’s needs.

If the company qualifies for business assistance under the program, consulting, technical assistance and / or training services will be offered to assist the company in implementing identified strategies.  The company will be assigned to work with one of the program’s service providers depending on company needs.  The service provider will connect the company with the appropriate consulting service.

Selection of the service providers will depend on the company’s needs. The program includes service providers that are capable of delivering programs and assistance identified as part of the assessment. All service providers are registered third party partners of the Maryland MEP. Service providers may include but are not limited to; the Maryland MEP, the Maryland / DC District Export Council (DEC), as well other third party providers with subject matter expertise as needed.

Participation costs are broken down by phases:

  • Business Assessment: The business assessment is free; all we need is your time.
  • Business Assistance: If the company qualifies to work with a consultant to move forward with a project, the grant will match 80% of the total project costs up to $12,000.