MD MEP’s Sales Consortia Powered by Van Sant’s Sandler Sales Training

improve your bottom line revenue by training your sales people now!

MD MEP is excited to present this first-of-its-kind program combining world-class sales training delivered in a peer-group style format. Partnering with Van Sant Consulting to deliver the Sandler Sales Training methods, the program will teach attendees to have a process that is repeatable, efficient and effective for selling. The training will not only provide techniques, strategies and tactics to obtain goals, but also teach you to develop new attitudes and behaviors to excel your selling performance.

The program is a 10-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System® concepts, along with actionable steps that you or your team can implement from the first day to immediately improve performance. Additionally, training will be delivered in a cohort setting so participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with their peers and most importantly have the opportunity to share knowledge, best practices and talk through real-life examples and case studies to improve outcomes.

Participants will attend 10 sessions from August 11th through December 15, 2021 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.  The first session of each month will be in-person and the second session will be held virtually via Zoom.  The in-person sessions will take place at the participating manufacturing companies and Maryland MEP.

Who Should Participate? 

This training program is intended for C-Level leaders and Sales decision makers

Session Topics include:
  • Session 1: The Key to the Buyer Seller Relationship
    • Wednesday, August 11 (in-person)
  • Session 2: The Key to a Sustainable Business Relationship
    • Wednesday, August 25 (virtual)
  • Session 3: Ground Rules for Doing Business
    • Wednesday, September 8 (in-person)
  • Session 4: Finding the Reasons to do Business
    • Wednesday, September 22 (virtual)
  • Session 5: Questioning Strategies
    • Wednesday, October 6 (in-person)
  • Session 6: Finding the Budget
    • Wednesday, October 20 (virtual)
  • Session 7: Determining How Decisions are Made
    • Wednesday, November 10 (in-person)
  • Session 8: Fulfillment, Post Sell, Clear Future
    • Wednesday, November 17 (virtual)
  • Session 9: Improve Your Batting Average Prospecting Activities
    • Wednesday, December 1 (virtual)
  • Session 10: The Success Triangle
    • Wednesday, December 15 (in-person at MD MEP)

Program Details

  • August 11, 2021 – December 15, 2021 meeting twice per month from 1:00PM – 4:00PM
  • The first monthly session will be in-person and the second session will be held virtually

This training program will be a combination of virtual and in-person sessions held at participating manufacturing companies.

  • $4,000  per participant
Training Reimbursement:

Manufacturers interested in participating in this program may be eligible for training reimbursement funds through MD MEP’s Incumbent Worker Training Reimbursement Program:

MD MEP through the Maryland Department of Labor’s EARN initiative has made funding available for Maryland manufacturers to help offset the cost of training for incumbent workers. MD MEP’s Incumbent Worker Training Reimbursement Program is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet the unique needs of the company.  To be eligible for the program, organizations must be registered with Dun and Bradstreet and have a valid manufacturing NAICS code, a physical location in Maryland and provide all required project documentation (including the project impact survey).

  • Register 1 participant and receive $1,000 of reimbursement
  • Register up to 2 participants and receive $1,500 (per person) in reimbursement

For more information or to determine if you qualify for reimbursement, please contact:

Samantha Calvo

About the Instructor:

Larry Van Sant

President, Sandler Sales Training

Larry combines real-life problem-solving experience, with coaching and communication, to provide solutions to the day-to day challenges faced by sales people, sales managers, and customer service professionals.

Larry has been a successful business owner and entrepreneur, professional speaker and trainer for over 25 years, delivering keynote addresses, management, and sales and communications skills training to small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies. Larry expertise can be leveraged to help professionals in any industry learn and implement a proven selling system that focuses not just on sales techniques, but on attitudes and reinforcement.